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Love is the Religion of the Soul

Posted on January 31, 2017 | Our Religion is Love

Love is the Religion of the Soul
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An evening of Mantra, Music, Meditation, Inspiration and Love

Within each of us there exists an elixir-like reservoir of supreme happiness, universally known as the Original Cause. The essence of this reservoir of supreme happiness is perfect wisdom and spiritual love, which is love in its purest form.

Join Australia’s leading kirtan band on a journey through sacred sound.

The spiritually infused soundscape begins slow and contemplative, with breath work, mantra, and conscious listening.The Transcendental Sounds enter through the mind and penetrate into your heart, touching your innermost self.

From there, the tempo builds as an invitation for everyone to joyously sing the Sacred Names.

While the music continues to build, the crescendo peaks enticing the audience to sync their movements with the ebbing and flowing of mantras, melody and rhythm.

As the journey into love continues, there is a taste of the nectar for which we are always anxious – known by great sages and yogis as ‘Bhakti’ - the soul’s experience of love for the All Love(the Supreme Soul) and all beings.

This sacred love is the true religion of every being and the source of bliss and happiness.

When: Friday February 17th 2017
Where: Chameleon New Age Salon, 3171 Surfers Paradise Blv.
Cost: Runs by Donation
For further info: Contact Sami

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