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Unique and Creative Approaches to Kirtan


Drums, Djembe, octapad, acoustic kit and more

Our creative musical genius force natural rhythm beats in his veins, Jay is a superstar who brings the beat.

Jay discovered his ability to play percussion as a young child when he became enchanted by the theme song to original movie, The Jungle Book. From age 5, Jay’s natural talent for drumming and all things related to rhythm was obvious.

He comfortably played a kit when he was 10, and played in multiple bands as a teenager going on to spend a good decade working professionally in the music industry.

By great fortune, Jay re-discovered Kirtan and hasn't looked back since. He has been playing with Ashraya for nearly 3 years at festivals and other events and looks forward to bringing Lord Caitanya’s message to whomever he can through the vessel of Kirtan. 

Favourite Musicians: Phil Collins, Virgil Donati, Will Calhoun, John Bonham, Glen Absolum and Thomas Haake.

Favourite Music Styles: drum and bass, rock, and world music.

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