Our Story

Unique and Creative Approaches to Kirtan

Madya Lila

Lead Kirtan Singer & Harmonium

Soaring melodies and kirtan mantras which connect deep in your heart. 

Long time Bhakti Yoga practitioner and harmonium artist, Madya Lila is known for her angelic voice and has helped the band gain recognition for skilfully combining the ancient mantras of yoga with the rhythms and melodies of the modern world. Raised in a family of yogis, yoga has been a part of Madya Lila's life from birth. She enjoys sharing her lifelong love of kirtan, meditation, asanas and the deeper spiritual practices the yoga tradition has to offer.

Favourite Musician: "My musical and personal inspiration is my spiritual teacher, Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupanada. I have never in my life heard such incredible heartfelt chanting that at once connects you with an ocean of spiritual love. My wish is to humbly pass on the wonderful gift of transcendental sound that has been freely given to me."

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