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Electric & Acoustic Guitar Bass Keyboard

Bringing his artistic sensibilities and flawless rhythm Nitai is capable, competent & calm.

Nitai plays acoustic & electric guitar, handles the live mixing, and occasionally dabbles in MIDI instruments & singing. He started playing guitar when he was 5 years old and has since picked up various other instruments including bass, harmonium, drums, ukulele, & mandolin; guitar and bass being the two instruments that stuck the most.

Raised by parents who taught him mantras from the beginning, Nitai has always been around them. But he has also kept them in his life because of his own personal experiences of the happiness & peace that they bring.

Favourite Musician: Most notably Harvey Mann, Eddie Hansen, and Noel Wright, as well as a variety of other bands.

Favourite Music Styles: Indie/Alt. Rock, Rock, Alt. Pop, and some electronic genres such as Chillstep.

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