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Unique and Creative Approaches to Kirtan


Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Keyboard

Soul sensibilities and a passion for music, Wayne is laid-back, easy going and fun.

WAYNE is a self-taught musician who started his musical journey at the age of 7 with the recorder. He found the recorder particularly uninteresting, so to make things fun during a Christmas song recital decided to play the entire concert through his nose, much to the delight of the crowd (and the horror of his teacher).

At a low point in his late teens he was introduced to Yoga philosophy and Japa meditation and by applying these practices and teachings in his life was able to weather the storms of life with confidence and understanding. Travelling the road of Yoga philosophy lead him to Kirtan in his early twenties and from then on he has wanted to share these gifts with as many people he can so they can know the peace that it can bring.

Favorite musical styles: 60s, 70s rock and roll, soul funk, psycodelia

Favorite musician: George Harrison - not only as a songwriter and musician but as a person who used his fame to make this world a better place.

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